Changes in student staff

Petra, who joined us in September, has finished her bachelor internship. Thanks to COVID19 and social distancing, we could not have a leaving get-together as we’d like, but Petra brought cake anyway. And left this little note:

Her project did not go at all as expected (or hoped) – turns out our hypothesis was wrong! She did learn a lot though, not only how to follow protocols in the lab but also why it is so important to have a clear hypothesis. And also the importance of the ability to let go if an idea turns out to be wrong. From the note, I’d gather she doesn’t mind too much that she couldn’t prove our wild theories!

She will be followed-up by Timo Bolte, who is studying Biotechnology at the RWTH Aachen. He will perform a master internship under supervision of Lisa starting at some point in April if the pandemic allows….

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