Towards more reproducible science?

When reading scientific literature, one of my pet peeves is definitely the methods section. "Plasmid X was described here" - but it wasn't. "Protein purification was detailed in earlier work" - but you have to go through 10 sequentially cited papers to find the original source. If you're lucky, you may find what you're looking... Continue Reading →

Why and how we wrote a review during lockdown

At the end of 2019, Lisa Weixler was the first PhD student to join our lab. In Spring 2020 Jeffrey Momoh and Katja Schäringer joined. Jeff joined us for his master thesis, Katja joined our Department as PhD student and is co-supervised by us. As the lockdown hit in March, we were left wondering what... Continue Reading →

So, what do you actually DO?

Do you know that moment? When you are meeting your new boyfriends' parents, or are at this neighbourhood party. They all know you're a scientist, but now they would like to know what you actually DO. You may start to sweat a little, because how do you explain all the intricacies of - enter your... Continue Reading →

Recent publications

The first fruits from our lab are now available online: a review we wrote about the ADP-ribosylhydrolases MACROD1, MACROD2 and TARG1. This was a nice collaborative effort with Dr. Chris Cooper at the University of Huddersfield. We wrote this review, as we felt that a number of studies addressing these proteins rely on antibodies which... Continue Reading →

TARG1 shuttles between nucleoplasm and nucleoli

Find out more about our Departments' most recent study of the macrodomain-containing hydrolase TARG1, to which we contributed: Nucleolar-nucleoplasmic shuttling of TARG1 and its control by DNA damage-induced poly-ADP-ribosylation and by nucleolar transcription. (open access :))

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