Opportunity to study a novel RNA modification

In this exciting project, we are planning to dive into the world of RNA ADP-ribosylation. Thanks to support from the START Programme of the Medical Faculty, Roko has the opportunity to offer this PhD position for three years in our group. More details are available in the PDF. For those who’d like an informal chat... Continue Reading →

RNA ADP-ribosylation

A few years ago, work was published which showed that under certain conditions, some PARPs can modify RNA with ADP-ribose in vitro. Many questions were left unanswered: can all PARPs do this? Do they modify RNA in cells? What is the function of RNA ADP-ribosylation, how does it influence the modified molecules? We were intrigued... Continue Reading →

Available PhD position

We are looking for a PhD candidate to strengthen our team starting Autumn 2022! More details about the project are available below, or you can also get in touch with informal inquiries. phd-position-summer-2022Download

How to visualise ADP-ribosylation

We are studying the modification of proteins with ADP-ribose. Quite recently, reagents have been developed to visualise this. While doing some experiments, we quickly realised that not all detection reagents are equally well suited for all methods and substrates. Therefore we decided to cross-validate the available reagents and tested them on a range of substrates;... Continue Reading →

Two PhD positions available

We currently have two open PhD student positions, funded by the DFG for three years. You can find the essentials on jobRxiv or a more detailed PDF as download available below. 202110-student-job-advertDownload

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

This year, we have closed the lab a bit earlier than usual. The Netherlands, where some of us live, are in a lockdown since the 14th, Germany followed a day later. We've frozen down our cells, we've cleaned up our benches and closed the door behind us. Hopefully we'll be back somewhere in January -... Continue Reading →

Long time, no see!

We have created this website quite a while ago, forgot all about its existence and now dragged it out from under the dust. Expect more updates soon!

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